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Connecting with customers is more important than ever. At BreakThru we help you streamline your sales and support channels.

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Live Chat Services

Grow your business by 40%

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    Engage with visitors on your website and improve retention by using our live chat service. Our experts are available 24/7 to turn vistors into prospects.

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    Increase your competitiveness in the market by having 24/7 customer support that is further enriched by our Call-Connect feature. Our clients have reported on average 40% increase in business by using our services.

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How it works?

It's a super simple three step process. It's as easy as saying "Yes".

1. Install the chat code on your website

You get a code snippet from BreakThru that gets installed on your website and that's all that you need to do.

2. We conduct the chat for you

The code snippet on your website allows visitors to start chats that are handled by experts at BreakThru.

3. You get the lead delivered to you

During the chat if a visitor seems interested in your product or service we obtain their contact information and email it to you.


Multiple channels One app

Why have so many business chat applications when you can have just one? Use our powerful chat platform to connect with visitor on your website, Facboook, SMS, Google My Business and more with with BreakThru.

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amazing features

HIPPA Compliant

Secure chat conversations that ensure data safety of your customers.

Human Assistance

Too busy to chat? we have experts who engage with visitors on your website.

Omni Channel

Empower your sales team with the same experience across desk and mobile devices.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports that help you tack your marketing efforts, insights and analytics.


No more boring ugly widgets! we customize the widgets to look exactly the way you want.

Pay As You Grow

We got you covered whether you're a small firm or a big enterprise.

Have a question?

Live chat enables your website visitors to quickly get answers to their questions by initiating a chat with one of our experts. Visitors are able to get answers to common questions and in between we obtain their contact information and share it with the business. We are available twenty-four-seven to attend your customers.

You have an option to use our industry trained experts to take your chats 24/7 or you can handle your own chats as well.

We do provide automated integration with several marketing CRM and analytics application. Contact us if you need more information about it.

We primarily handle English chats but we also capable of handling Urdu, Hindi and Spanish chats. Through our specialized services we support a few other languages as well.

We are dedicated to complying with regulations of ADA, GDPR & CCPA that ensure accessibility and security for everyone.

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